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Who is Greg Williams anyway?!

Do you wish you felt happy and confident with your body, and full of energy?

Do you wish you could live a pain free life on YOUR terms, and one not so heavily dictated by your symptoms?

Do you want to clear up the confusion on what you should be eating, doing and supplementing with to build your health? Or what skin products you should be using? Or how to better manage stress? Or what testing you need to be doing to identify underlying infection, bacterial issues, Candida problem, and more?

I am an IBD Natural Health Specialist who helps Crohn's and Ulcerative Colitis sufferers to improve their health, get their bowel movements under control, reduce their pain and increase their energy naturally.

My approach takes into account the lives of those I work with, and I create completely personalised plans for them in the appreciation that not only are people's bodies different, but so are their personal circumstances and tastes.

I am solely focused on helping Inflammatory Bowel sufferers to transform their health using natural means.

My clients very quickly transform their lives, with less pain, improved relationships and more energy, sex drive, and confidence than they have ever had before.

I am based in Billericay, Essex, UK, and work with IBD sufferers from all over the world (through the use of phone, Skype and email).

I have been happily married for several years now. My wife has Ulcerative Colitis.

For a long time, whilst she ate ok, she wouldn’t ever really follow my advice with regard to her diet and lifestyle because she didn’t believe that those things could really help with her UC. Doctors had told her pretty much nothing could be done and so she believed them. However, I didn’t accept that. I refuse to accept that anything should be managed using only drugs.

We needed to get to the root cause of the problem, and build her health in as many ways possible. Trying to mask the symptoms with strong medication clearly wasn't working because she didn't feel as good as she should.

My wife and I eventually took greater action after a particularly bad flare and a horrendous case of shingles, which the doctor told her she had got because of the immune system suppressing drugs she had been put on.

Donna shingles

Donna's shingles - caused by her immunosupressing drugs

After a huge amount of work, study, interviews, etc, I eventually developed a step by step approach (my "5 Phase Thrive") that helped her to feel HUGE amount better very quickly.  The frequent bowel movements went away, the pain went away and she had so much more energy.  Even her skin and hair condition improved dramatically.

Over time, she was even able to eliminate her medication (with the ok from her doctor!). There were plenty of bumps along the way and it took a lot of study and experimentation but we have achieved what many doctors would tell you isn’t possible, and she now lives life on her terms, not dictated by her UC.  We also now have a beautiful daughter, something we never felt Donna would be well enough for!

I have a huge amount of experience in this area and have now helped many IBD sufferers to restore their health in the same way.

I am a certified FDN ® practitioner, and a certified Body Type Nutrition academy coach, and am trained in Functional Medicine. I am also the author of a best selling book "Fatigue Free with Crohn's and Colitis".


It is so rewarding to see how the lives of people can be transformed and it is a passion of mine to help as many IBD sufferers as possible overcome their awful symptoms.  Click here to see a selection of success stories.

I refuse to accept that the only options for someone with Crohn's or Ulcerative Colitis are a lifetime of suffering, strong drugs, or surgery.  There is a better way, and it's my mission to show you how.

Imagine a life where you are constantly energised throughout the day. A life when you sleep peacefully through the night and as soon as you wake up you feel refreshed. A life where you are completely confident with your body and you can do whatever you want to do in life, whenever you want. A life without repeated flares, several visits to the toilet, and worry about going out the house. Where you can perform your best in your job, sports, relationships, and life in general. It is possible to achieve all of that and I'd love to help make that possible.

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